News: Fact Check


News: Fact Check

Whether it is through our social media, the latest Tiktok or  post on “X” (formally Twitter), it is difficult to know if we are reading or watching the truth. Fake-news, “Photoshopped” images and cleverly edited videos are often used as DISINFORMATION to make us believe a lie.


It is always worth checking reliable fact-check sites to work out what is true and what is fiction.  Our viewpoints and opinions are shaped by the information we have access to. Fact-checking the ideas we see and hear online means that you are armed with the truth – not someone else’s skewed and bias version.


Below are links to some reputable online sources that fact-check information before publishing it, as well as showing us what disinformation is out there. 




Reuters International News

Reality Check News - BBC News


Channel 4 News Fact Check


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