Remote Learning For Students

Remote Learning For Students

For ICT assistance with any of our online learning platforms please contact

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) you might have about how to access some of the digital platforms we have at Wood Green Academy. With each question there is some advice and a link to a video tutorial.

Before you access any tutorials, make sure you have checked the instructions for your task within Class charts.

Please note that some FAQ tutorials are labelled Web Browser or Mobile Device.

Web Browser: suitable for most web browsers on any device (e.g. Chrome Firefox, Safari)

Mobile Device: requires the downloading of relevant applications from your mobile device store (Apple/Google Play etc.)

Remote Learning FAQs


Parents – SETTING UP your account for first usage
Parents – forgotten your password? Click here.
Students – forgotten your Classcharts pass code?
email: from your school email account.
Type “Class Charts” in the subject line.


If you have a problem logging into these platforms, please email from your student email account. Please type the relevant platform name in the subject line before writing a brief explanation of the issue. E.g. My password is not working.

OFFICE 365 (One Drive, Email, Teams, Word etc.)

How do I log on to my WGA Office 365 account? Web Browser
Office 365 is a key portal for students to access online versions of Office applications and their online storage in One Drive – this is a key tutorial to enable access to the tools identified below.

How do I use O365 One Drive? Web Browser
One Drive is an online storage area. Students can create, store and share files from this online space.

How do I use O365 One Drive? Mobile Device
When working from a smartphone or similar device, it is much easier to install and use the One Drive app.

How do I access my school email account?       

Web Browser recommended across all devices. 

Students can receive information and use to email their class teacher when directed to.  Please remember that all communication on email is covered by all the usual school rules and standards! 

How do I create an office document (Word etc.) within my O365 account?  

Web Browser 

Within Office 365 students have free access the web versions of Word, Powerpoint and Excel.  Creating documents on any internet connected device is possible, complete with online storage and file sharing options. 

How do I create an office document (Word etc.) within my O365 account?   

Mobile Device 

When using a smartphone or tablet you can download and use the relevant Microsoft Office apps from your mobile store (Apple/Google Play).  However, you will need to sign in with your school Office 365 account.  This tutorial shows you how. 

How do I SHARE a file from O365 One Drive? 

Web Browser 

If your teacher asks you to use the “SHARE” method to submit a file, you will need your file to be saved in your One Drive space.  This tutorial shows you how to find the share options. 

How do I access a file that has been SHARED with me via One Drive? 

Web Browser 

If your teacher asks you to access a file that has been shared with you, you first need to access your school email (separate tutorial).  This video demonstrates how to open the file and access again in the future. 

How do I upload an image of my written work to my One Drive account? 

Mobile Device 

If your teacher asks you to take an image of your hand-written work, you will need to take a photo with an internet connected smartphone or tablet and upload to your One Drive account first.  To send to your teacher, please check the relevant SHARE FILES tutorials. 

How do I share files (including images of work) from One Drive? 

Mobile Device 

If you are working on a smartphone or tablet, the options to SHARE files in One Drive look a little different than when using a laptop or PC.  This tutorial shows you how to share from within the One Drive App. 

How do I access O365 TEAMS to access files? 

Web Browser 

If your teacher directs you to access resources in TEAMS – then this is the tutorial you need. 

How do I complete an O365 TEAMS assignment? 

Web Browser 

If you have been asked to use the ASSIGNMENTS section of Teams, this video guides you through the process. 

How do I use the “Posts” section in O365 Teams? 

Web Browser 

Teams includes a conversation area where you, your class and teacher can post messages.  In most cases this function will be disabled. However, some teachers may ask you to use this function to complete tasks, access important links or to receive guidance of feedback.    

How do I use O365 Teams App on a mobile device? 

Mobile Device 

The TEAMS APP for mobile devices looks a little different to the web version. This video tutorial guides you through FILE ACCESS and the ASSIGNMENTS tool. 

How to create and submit files for a TEAMS assignment

Sam Learning 

How do I log on to Sam Learning? 

Forgotten how to log on to Sam Learning? Watch this video.  If your password is not working and needs resetting, please use your school email account to send a message to Please type Sam Learning in the subject line. 

How do I complete Sam Learning tasks set by my teacher? 

If your teacher has directed you to complete a task that has been set in Sam Learning, this video shows you how to do this AND how to re-complete the task to maximise your potential. 

How do I find tasks in Sam Learning? 

Re-learning and revision is an important part of our learning. If you need to complete Sam Learning tasks to help this process, then follow the instructions in this video. 


Student Remote Learning Guide
Student Remote Learning Guide
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WGA Remote Learning Practice Updated Jan 2021
WGA Remote Learning Practice Updated Jan 2021
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