Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

Wood Green will continue to be one of the more popular schools in Sandwell.  We will ensure that all aspects of Every Child Matters are effectively addressed for all learners

We will continue to build upon its reputation for providing a `high challenge, low threat’ learning environment for its students and a wide cross-section of the local community. We will continue to achieve excellent results with a desire to achieve a grade 5 or more in English and Maths for 80% of our students, with the Academies progress 8 score of at least +1.0 and attainment 8 score of at least 60.0. All KS5 students will pass their qualifications and 70%+ will achieve higher grades (A*-B)

The school’s external examination results will be in the top 5% for schools of a similar nature.

Teachers enjoy teaching at the school and students enjoy learning and are justifiably proud of the school as a place where everybody can and does achieve.

The school will continue to be characterised by its calm learning environment, its wide range of learning opportunities and its tireless celebration of success in all facets of learning.

“We aim to value all members of the school community and to foster the pursuit of quality and excellence in all that we do.”

Aims and Objectives

The school motto is: Seek Wisdom

We aim to provide an orderly, caring, learning community where we all:

  • Expect to achieve success
  • Have pride and respect in ourselves and our school
  • Accept our responsibilities as well as being aware of our rights
  • Make a positive contribution to the community

As a specialist school, (Sport/Maths and Computing and Leading Edge), we will achieve these aims by:

  • Promoting an ethos of learning through sport and innovation
  • Use our specialism’s to help remove barriers to learning
  • Providing quality teaching through relevance and realism, building confidence to accept challenges
  • Having high expectations of work ethic, initiative, flexibility and problem solving Building a bridge between active citizenship and employability skills through enterprise activities
  • Preparing  young  people  with  the  skills,  attitudes  and  aptitudes  for  active  participation  in  society  and preparation for work
  • Praising, encouraging and celebrating success
  • Providing a broad and balanced curriculum with high quality vocational and work related courses which will prepare young people for work-based learning, further or higher education
  • Providing  a  stimulating  learning  environment  which  actively  partners  local  learning  organisations,  local businesses and the community
  • Ensuring excellent behaviour through respect for others and high self-esteem
  • Working with parents and the wider community
  • Offering high quality student welfare and support
  • Preparing young people to seek the opportunities for lifelong learning
  • Good communication systems with all our stakeholders
  • Continually monitoring and evaluating everything that we do.

“We will be insistent, persistent and consistent in everything we do”