About us

About Us

Wood Green Academy offers exciting opportunities and a very broad range of experiences to its pupils. Although a large and diverse school, staff are friendly and supportive and there are ample opportunities for professional development and advancement for all teachers.

Wood Green Academy became a Specialist Sports College in 1998 and a Specialist Maths and Computing College in 2006. Since then we have gained several other awards: Investor in People, Sportsmark Gold, Artsmark Gold, Healthy Schools, ICT mark, Training Development Agency Partnership School, Leading Edge Status and Teaching School.

Wood Green is a mixed 11-19 Community Comprehensive school in the North Sandwell Consortium (Wednesbury North).

In May 2012 we were inspected by Ofsted and received our third consecutive ‘Outstanding School’ category.

We are often asked what makes our school so successful and the answer is quite simple – it is hard work and teamwork, by teachers, support staff, pupils and parents. This is called doing things “The Wood Green Way! ”

  • It is a cheerful place to teach and learn
  • We have excellent teachers and support staff who know the students well.
  • Our enthusiastic and well-behaved students aspire to achieve their best.
  • We offer an innovative broad and inclusive curriculum.
  • Support and guidance through the student achievement and welfare system is very strong.
  • There are a huge number of exciting extra-curricular and enrichment activities on offer.
  • We have very supportive parents and Governors.
  • We have excellent facilities, especially for Sport, Science and ICT, and over the last few years we have invested over £3m to improve the learning facilities at Wood Green.
  • Our Examination Results have shown much improvement over the years and remain at a high standard, highlighting the excellent progress that students of Wood Green make.
  • We are fully staffed with specialist teachers in all subject areas.
  • We are all insistent, consistent and persistent in our drive to improve our standards.

Our examination results make us one of the highest performing schools in Sandwell and the Black Country. However Wood Green isn’t just about examination results and our extra-curricular and enrichment activities allow our students to develop all important employability skills and resilience.

Our students have a national reputation in a number of sporting and non-sporting activities. We have national champions in a range of individual + team sports and have previously been National Debate Mate runners-up.

We are equally proud that students show a responsible and charitable attitude to others and are involved in a wide range of activities in the community. The smart, modern school uniform is worn with pride and the Student Council is always looking for ways in which we can all continue to improve our school.

Our last Ofsted inspection Report (May 2012) was outstanding and some of the most pleasing comments include:

  • This is an outstanding school. It provides excellent opportunities for students to thrive, develop and achieve exceptionally well, irrespective of their different circumstances.
  • The sixth form is outstanding. It has improved considerably since its last inspection. Students achieve extremely well,
  • Students achieve outstandingly well, making rapid and sustained progress through Key Stages 3 and 4 and in the sixth form to secure excellent academic outcomes, regardless of ability, starting point or special educational need.
  • The quality of learning in lessons is outstanding. Students are keen to do their best, work purposefully and collaborate willingly during lessons, readily taking on roles within teams and supporting each other’s learning through sensitive feedback.
  • The curriculum and specialisms make an outstanding contribution to students’ achievement and enjoyment of school life, engaging students in learning
  • All groups of students make outstanding progress, as evidenced by above average attainment and consistent improvement in GCSE and A Level examination results.
  • The school consistently adds significant value to the performance of all groups of students across the range of subjects. Disabled students and those with special educational needs make similar progress to their peers.

Teaching is outstanding and makes a significant contribution to students’ exceptional rates of progress.

  • Students and their parents rightly express great confidence in the quality of teaching.
  • Lessons are well paced, relevant and enjoyable, providing many opportunities for achievements to be shared, celebrated and built upon.
  • Teaching is characterised by very high expectations, not just in terms of achievement, but in the amount, complexity and challenge of learning activities.
  • Teaching for disabled students and those with special educational needs is outstanding.
  • Learning support assistants are highly skilled and deployed well.

Excellent relationships at all levels have helped to establish a cohesive, purposeful and happy community where behaviour is excellent and all are able to learn and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and dignity.

  • The school has a very effective behaviour management system and teachers consistently demand high standards of conduct. As a result, behaviour in lessons is a strong factor in the students’ learning.
  • Attendance is above average and students are punctual to school and lessons.
  • Relationships are harmonious and students feel exceptionally safe.
  • One student told inspectors how the attention to her individual needs and the time given to her by staff to resolve her problems had significantly improved her behaviour. She commented, ‘The school has changed my life’.

Leadership and management are outstanding, driven by a principled, enthusiastic and approachable headteacher.

  • Inspirational leadership, consistently high quality teaching and an excellent curriculum tailored to meet individual needs enable all groups of students to flourish.

Inspirational leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence are the main reasons why students’ achievement is outstanding.

  • The headteacher is widely acclaimed by staff, parents, carers and governors as having been hugely instrumental in securing high standards and sustaining them where they are already outstanding.
  • Consequently, teamwork is strong, staff morale is high and students’ progress continues to accelerate.
  • Considerable emphasis is placed on ensuring that all students feel equally valued while maintaining a sense of their individuality and cultural identity. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Safeguarding is afforded high priority and every care is taken to ensure that the school is safe and that policies and procedures are rigorous and meticulously maintained.
  • The governing body provides enthusiastic and committed support.

These comments truly reflect what Wood Green is about.

In March 2009, we were included in an Ofsted publication entitled ‘Twelve Outstanding Schools, Excelling Against the Odds’. We were chosen as one of twelve outstanding schools who achieve very highly when taking into account the social and economic factors of the area.

It was a great honour and privilege to be included in this report and we received much national and local recognition.

We are not complacent. Improvement is always possible. Our recognition by the Department for Education as a Leading Edge Partnership School is evidence of our commitment to further improvement. In 2014, I achieved the status of being a National Leader of Education (NLE).

In 2011, in recognition of our “Outstanding School” classification, we were invited to convert to Academy status by the DfE and this process has now been successfully completed, ensuring an exciting future for all members of the school community. This was closely followed by our successful bid to become one of the first 100 Teaching Schools in the country, offering even more opportunities for our staff to influence educational standards nationally.

In September 2011, we were granted Teaching School status. In this first cohort only 100 schools were accepted to be a teaching school. It was a tremendous achievement for us to have been chosen to be one of the pioneers in this new initiation.

As the Headteacher of Wood Green Academy, I have one clear aim in mind – to achieve ‘Excellence in Education’ for every student who attends Wood Green.

Every day is an Open Day and we always welcome people to judge for themselves whether our excellent reputation is deserved – so come and visit us!

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Charitable Donations

You may not have realised, but Wood Green Academy is a Charity. Like any charity we are always seeking to raise charitable donations that will help us to offer new learning experiences for our students that, otherwise, we may not have been able to offer.

There are a number of ways we accept and raises donations to support our students and other charities: On occasion, we receive financial donations and requests that monies be spent in a particular way. Sometimes open donations are made, without restriction, and how monies are spent is decided within the school, normally through our Student Council or School Fund arrangements. Finally, the school may hold fund raising events to generate funds for a specific purpose, or for another charity, like Help for Heroes or the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Donations, regardless of size, are always gratefully received. If you would like to make a donation, please contact me at the school at your convenience.

Many thanks
Mr J. Topham

Please note that the Academy does not charge in respect of admission to the school or for access to the curriculum. The Academy can only charge pupils where the law allows for it to do so. For example, for school meals, the delivery of education and use of premises by pupils who are not registered at the school and for school lettings.