New to Wood Green Academy

Welcome to Wood Green Academy

I am so happy to be your Year Leader and am very much looking forward to getting to know you as soon as possible. You might be a little anxious about starting a new school, but I, our Student Support Manager and your Tutors/teachers will do everything to guide and support you through this new but hopefully exciting period.


It is my aim that you enjoy your time at Wood Green Academy. I want you to be successful academically, but for me it is the other aspects of school that make it what it is. I want you to go to clubs, be it Sport, Arts, Music, Drama, Science, Maths or any of the fantastic opportunities available. I want you to go on trips whether it is to France, Germany, other places in U.K and even local areas of interest. 


I want you to maintain your friendships but also make new ones.  Most importantly I want you to realise how lucky you are to go to this school and school in general. If we have learnt anything over the last year it is how important school is for all of us academically, emotionally and socially. 

With the right attitude your secondary education will not only enable you to gain excellent qualifications, but open up new opportunities and experiences which I am sure will be the foundation to long lasting and positive memories of this period in your life.


Within this section there will be lots of useful information to help you become more familiar with the ‘Wood Green Way’.


In addition to the help I will give you, I have a fantastic team who you will also get to know. By the time you start Wood Green Academy you will be allocated a form tutor and house. Your form tutor will be your daily contact and support. We also have a Student Support Manager, who works full time in the year group and will answer queries and support you with any problems you may face.


I shall look forward to getting to know you

Kindest Regards, 


Mr R. Heeley

Head of Year

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