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A selection of Key stage 4 and 5 artwork


Results 2019:

79% of students achieved a strong Pass 5+ 
13% of students gained a 7-9 grade 
97% of students gained or exceeded a 4+ grade 

A-Level results Fine Art: 
17% of students achieved  A* -B grade
100%  of students achieved A*- D grades. 

Art, Craft and Design: cohort size = 3
100%  of students achieved A*- C grades.


Year 11 GCSE Set Task Exam:
Pupils begin their exam preparation by selecting one starting point from the OCR Set Task paper. The paper is available from January which gives pupils 9 weeks to prepare for their exam which takes place in March. The work they produce over this period creates 75% of their final mark. Pupils then complete a 10 hour supervised examination to develop their ideas into a realised outcome (25%).

The Team

Miss S E Measures – Head of Art
Mrs L Beech – Assistant Head of Art / KS4 Manager
Mr J R Gill – Teacher of Art
Miss K Liversidge – Teacher of Art

Latest News

9th – 11th May – A Level Exam
23rd May – KS4 and KS5 Creative Exhibition. All welcome!
31st May – A Level Marks submitted to Exam Board AQA.
21st June – Year12 Trip to Birmingham University Degree Show


Suggested equipment
An eraser and a pencil sharpener
A set of drawing pencils (HB- 6B)
A set of good quality blendable pencil crayons
Access to a computer, printer and the Internet (home or school)
A small set of acrylic paints
A range of small paint brushes (size 0-6)

Art Alumni


Anjali Padhiar
Anjali Padhiar
893.6 KiB
1.3 MiB
Riya C
Riya C
7.8 MiB


Art Assessment Map  2019-20
Art Assessment Map 2019-20
Art Assessment Map 2019-20.pdf
52.7 KiB
Art Curriculum Map (Distributed Practice) 2019-20
Art Curriculum Map (Distributed Practice) 2019-20
Art Curriculum Map (Distributed Practice) 2019-20.pdf
41.0 KiB

Suggested websites and books