Homework refers to planned, meaningful and worthwhile tasks that are designed to extend the learning of the student outside the classroom.

Homework is important in raising student achievement (which can lead to, on average, five months’ additional progress). It is a valuable and worthwhile learning experience for all students and has a number of different purposes:

  1. To extend and support every student’s independent learning
  2. To develop skills and attributes such as resilience and investigation as well as all the other qualities in I can, I will
  3. To develop abilities in time management and organisation essential in life and beneficial to students as they leave the Academy
  4. To reinforce work started in class, extending knowledge and understanding
  5. To allow students to gain and practise the skills and knowledge that they will be required to reproduce in assessment situations such as exams
  6. To engage parents and carers in the learning process

Year 7 and 8 students should expect to spend between 20‐30 minutes on each homework task, approximately 60 minutes per day. Art, Computing and RE will set homework once per fortnight. Drama and Music will set homework once per half term. All other subjects, apart from PE, will set homework once per week.

The role of the student:

  • To listen to homework instructions in class
  • To demonstrate a commitment to spending the allocated time completing the tasks set
  • To use Class Charts to organise themselves when completing homework
  • To ensure all homework is completed and handed in on time
  • To attempt all work and give their best
  • To inform the class teacher of any difficulties before the deadline date
  • To see their teacher as soon as they can if absent when homework is set, to collect their homework and new deadline

The role of parents/carers in supporting their child:

  • To provide, where possible, a peaceful place in which their child can do their homework
  • To reinforce the value of homework by showing an interest in their child’s work and praising them when they have completed their homework
  • To check that homework deadlines are being met via Class Charts
  • To ensure that a reasonable amount of time is spent on homework each night
  • To inform the school if homework cannot be completed for a good reason or if they have any issues regarding homework

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