Skills Development

skills development

Skills Development

This subject is not a qualification – it is specifically designed to develop targeted pupils’ basic literacy, numeracy and Science skills.

In addition, KS3 students also study a Travel Independence Training Across the Nation (TITAN) programme in order to develop their self-help and independence skills. The Skills Development programme is led by the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Department.

Skills covered:

  • Writing for different audiences and purposes
  • Writing imaginative and creative texts
  • Developing greater written accuracy
  • Reading with accuracy
  • Inferring meaning from texts
  • Basic Numeracy
  • Applying Mathematics in real life contexts
  • Interpreting data from a range of subject areas
  • Interpreting and using graphs

Strategies for parents/carers:

  • Support understanding in the four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Practise Mental Maths. For example, adding/subtracting without writing things down.
  • Assist in identifying the everyday practical uses of Maths. For example, how long is Coronation Street on for?
  • Encourage reading for meaning by asking: what is this about? Who is it about? What has happened?
  • Encourage a variation of sentence starts e.g. ‘ing’ verbs ‘running’ and connectives: In addition, Furthermore, Moreover.
"Skills Development is brilliant because you get to go on Lexia and do different activities to learn new words."

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