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Excellence can be achieved through effort determination and the desire to succeed. Positive attitude to learning + hard work = Success.

The aim of the department is to enable all students to become independent uses of ICT and to ensure all students have knowledge of Computing. We want to contribute to the curriculum aims for all young people to become: Successful learners; who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Through the delivery of ICT and Computing at Wood Green Academy the team are able to:Encourage independent learners Provide a foundation in Computing and ICT for all students Inspire students at KS3 and prepare students for GCSE and Post 16 courses Meet all learners’ needs Encourage learners to express themselves creatively Develop learners’ thinking and problem solving skills Develop a range of ICT skills Support the school’s specialisms in Maths and Computing Support opportunities for all abilities and interests Develop and support those learners identified as gifted and/or talented Share ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills which will benefit the learner Design experiences outside of the classroom, which encourage learners in the constructive thinking process Support policies that help children to achieve more Provide support and share ideas with other departments within the school Communicate targets for achievement with learners and their parents.


Applied ICT A2
A* – E 100%
A*-C – 86%
A – B 57%

A2 Computing
A*-E 100%
A*-C 43%

A-E 100%
A-C 96%
A-B 39%

A-E 100%
A-C 82%
A-B 67%

GCSE Computing
A-E 100%


Applied ICT
A2 Applied Unit 7 exam is between 4/5/17-22/5/17

Computer Science (New A-Level)
A-Level Unit 1 – Computing Systems
Fri 16th June am – 2 hour and 30 minutes

A-level Unit 2 – Algorithms and programming
Thurs 22nd June am – 2 hour and 30 minutes

A-Level ICT
AS – G061 Information, systems and Applications – Monday 5th June am – 2 hours

B061 ICT in Today’s World – Wed 17th May am – 1 hour
B063 ICT in Context – Thu 26th May pm – 1 hour

A451 Computer Systems and Programming
Wednesday 8th June 2016 ¬– am – 1 hour and 30 minutes

The Team

Ms J K Rai  Teacher of Computing and ICT/Key Stage 4 Manager and HOD
Mr T Anstey Teacher of Computing and ICT/Key Stage 5 Manager
Mr M Raja Teacher of Computing and ICT/Key Stage 3 Manager
Mr C Taylor Teacher of Computing and ICT
Mr G Berdesha Teacher of Computing and Maths
Mrs K Pritchett  Teacher of ICT & Business Studies
Mr A Raheam Teacher of Computing and ICT

Latest News

ICT and Computing is available at Key Stage 4 and 5
Yel@ Awards is being run by Mr Thomas
Year 11 Controlled Assessment Support Thursday’s after school


Assessment Map For Computing And ICT 2017-18 Dept
Assessment Map For Computing And ICT 2017-18 Dept
Assessment Map for Computing and ICT 2017-18 Dept.xlsx
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ICT And Computing Curriculum Plans KS4
ICT And Computing Curriculum Plans KS4
ICT and Computing Curriculum Plans KS4.docx
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ICT Curriculum Plans KS5
ICT Curriculum Plans KS5
ICT Curriculum Plans KS5.docx
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GCSE Bitesize
Teach ICT
If students need extra support; please see staff so sessions can be arranged.