A Poem for the NHS

A Poem for the NHS

Thank you, NHS,
For Looking after our loved ones,
Nan and Grandads and great ones too,
Thank you, NHS, for being the best.

Rainbows in windows,
Clapping on Thursday,
Free transport network,
To say thank you, NHS, for being happy and keeping us safe, day after day.

Hospitals busy,
Containing the spread,
Working twelve plus hours a day,
So, people are not dead.

Although it is a stressful time,
There is always light,
At the end of a dark tunnel,
And Great Britain will win the fight.

Thank you, NHS, and other keyworkers,
For being perfect,
Keeping our streets safe,
And a pat-on-the back because you deserve it,
Keep the Brilliant work that you are doing up,
Fighting the Coronavirus with all of us.

By Tom Barker (Year 7)