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Developing the skills and attributes to get ahead in the workplace. 

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Careers Leader

We are proud of our careers provision at Wood Green Academy and preparation for employment is an integral part of everything we do. We aim to prepare our students to go on to further or higher education or skilled employment and enable them to make a significant contribution to society.


We do everything we can to ensure WGA students develop these skills and attributes so that they get ahead in the workplace. 

Amanda Birch

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Giving students individual careers advice and guidance for their chosen pathway.

Helping students to write effective curriculum vitae and personal statements.

Encouraging students to seek work experience to their higher education and career aspirations.

Providing guidance regarding different career pathways, including information on apprenticeships.

"Every young person to be given the opportunity to hear about, explore and

take part in the wider experiences of work related learning"


The Gatsby Benchmarks

As well as a wide range of events throughout the year, including university visits, talks from our ever growing alumni of ex-students, visiting speakers, off site employer visits, Mock Interview events and, as part of the new government careers strategy ‘The Gatsby Benchmarks’ were developed as a framework for all schools to improve their careers provision. At Wood Green Academy we are working hard to embed the benchmarks into the school curriculum.


The 8 benchmarks broken down simply are:

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Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) is vital in ensuring students receive careers advice and guidance that reflects an understanding of what jobs are available in the local area. LMI provides valuable insights into the local area’s population demographics, employment trends, and both local and national job prospects.


Use the ‘Careerometer’ to find out more about your career interests… You can compare up to 3 different jobs!  


If you’re uncertain about your career choice, make use of the ‘Careerometer’ to compare and contrast potential career paths.”


Unsure which career to take? Compare them using the ‘Careerometer’…. 

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Enterprise Advisor

Since 1884, Rubery Owen has been operating in the Black Country, manufacturing motor chassis, aerospace components and structural steelwork for all sorts of buildings.


Rubery Owen has also been involved in a few notable projects. Creating the ‘Bluebird car’, which enabled Donald Campbell to break the land speed record; as well as running the BRM Formula 1 team, which became world champions in 1962.


Today, there are a group of seven businesses, five of which are based in the Black Country.

We have a testing group – Rotech, Phoenix and Merlin, who service local West Midlands manufacturers, as well as companies such as Rolls Royce, Culham, Astra Zeneca and many Universities.


We have Rozone, who offer innovative cleaning technologies for the likes of the Royal Mail, the MOD, First Bus and many other companies. 


And finally, Rotronics, a company that works with the likes of the Royal Mail, the AA, the RAC, Arriva, and many others to manage the life of their batteries in their vehicle fleets.


We are very pleased to be working with Amanda Birch, Careers Leader at Wood Green Academy supporting pupils to understand the opportunities open to them in the world of work.

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Helping you identify and get into a career you care about

Careers Advice for Parents / Carers

Helping you identify and get into a career you care about.

Careers Advice for Parents / Carers

"We want our pupils to talk about their plans for their future in an ‘informed’,

‘positive’, ‘confident’, inquisitive’ and ‘supported’ way.

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