Results 2020

During to the COVID-19 outbreak and in order to keep everyone safe, our approach to these two days unfortunately has to be very different. Results for each student will be emailed directly to them via their school email address from 9am on the 13th August (A level) and 20th August (GCSE) and students will not be able to come on to the school site to receive them.

Results Days 2020:

· Thursday 13th August 2020 – A Level

· Thursday 20th August 2020 – GCSE

We are aware that once a student receives their results some of them may need additional guidance in terms of preparing for their next steps. We will therefore be offering advice virtually. In order to access this advice, please email

Support from Connexions:

Connexions staff are available to deal with any issues regarding what to do next involving university, college, apprenticeships and training. They can be contacted on 07792711320 and 07800841457.

· Connexions Sandwell also offer a results day service.

· Helpline numbers: 07917174735 – 07917174702.

National Careers Service:

The National Careers Service has also set an exam results helpline during August 2020. Young people or their parents can contact the helpline on 0800 100 900 to speak to a professionally qualified careers adviser if they need advice on their next steps. The helpline will be open from 8am to 10pm from Thursday 13 August until Friday 28 August. After these dates, young people will be able to access ongoing support from the National Careers Service at any time by calling 0800 100 900, visiting or searching for the National Careers Service on Facebook and Twitter.

Year 13- UCAS Support:

If you are in Year 13 and require support with UCAS, please contact the school on one of the following numbers:

· 07598347152

· 0121 556 4131 ext 307

Once you have spoken to one of the Sixth Form Team, if your UCAS query has not been resolved then you will be allocated a time to attend an appointment in school to receive face to face support.

Year 11 Students who have applied to Sixth Form:

Enrolment Interviews will be organised for you. You will receive an email on the afternoon of Friday 21st August 2020 confirming the time for your Enrolment Interview. We must reiterate that if you do not meet our minimum entry requirements, then you will NOT receive an interview and therefore will not enrol at Wood Green Academy Sixth Form.

Enrolment Interviews will take place earlier than last year due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. You will need to ensure you are available for an interview between 24th-27th August 2020. In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries about this information please email


Examination Results – Summer 2020:

Q. Will grades issued in 2020 have the same equivalence as grades issued in previous or

future years?

· The grades awarded to students will have the same currency as grades awarded in other years and should be treated in this way by universities, colleges and

employers. On the results slips and certificates, grades will be reported in the same way as in previous years

Q. Will I be able to progress to the next stage of education or employment with the

Grades I have received?

· Yes, all students can move onto the next stage of their education or employment in the autumn as planned

Q. Can I appeal my grades?

· You will be able to appeal your grades, you can do this through the school by emailing

Q. If I appeal my grade, can my grade go up or down?

· The final grade could be lower than, higher than, or the same as the grade which was originally awarded

Q. If I appeal my grade, is there a charge for appealing?

· There will be a charge for the submission of an appeal to the awarding body. These are different for each exam board and can be discussed once an appeal has been agreed

Q. Will I receive certificates with my grades for Summer 2020?

· Yes, certificates will be issued by the exam boards in the normal way. Certificates can be collected from the school reception in January 2021. To collect your certificates you will need to call the school first to inform us when you will be coming in to collect your certificates

Q. Will I need to bring anything with me to collect my certificates?

· Yes, you will need to bring with you some form of photo identification. This will be checked prior to issuing your certificates. You will also need to give staff your full name and candidate number

Examinations – Autumn 2020:

Q. Will I have the opportunity to sit the examinations if I am unhappy with my results issued in Summer 2020?

· Yes, all students will have the chance to sit the examinations in the November 2020 exam season.

Q. What is the process of requesting to sit my examinations in the Autumn 2020 exam season?

· All students requesting to sit an exam in the Autumn exam season will need to email

Deadlines for entries:

· AS and A-level – 1st September

· GCSE (except English Language and Mathematics) – 14th September

· GCSE (English Language and Mathematics) – 28 September

· Any entries received after these dates will incur late fees

Q. Will I have to pay the entry fee for sitting my examinations in Autumn2020?

· Yes- each exam board will charge for entries being made. The cost will vary by exam board and course.

Q. When are the examinations in Autumn 2020?

· AS and A-level exams: Monday 5 October to Friday 23 October

· GCSE exams: Monday 2 November to Monday 23 November

Q. Will I receive any support from my teachers to prepare for the Autumn exams?

· All course materials have been provided during your period of study. Revision guides and past exam papers have been issued.

Q. How will I receive my exam timetable if I am not a student at Wood Green Academy?

· Yes- you will receive via email a version of your timetable.

Q. If I no longer attend Wood Green Academy, what do I need to do when I sit my exams

in Autumn 2020?

· You will need to go to the School reception to sign in and you will also need to bring a form of photo identification.

Q. Will I receive a certificate for the examinations I sit in Autumn 2020?

· You will need to request a new certificate through the school by emailing

The exam board may charge a fee for a requested certificate for the November 2020 exam season