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Teaching Staff will ask you to check before the exam starts. If you think something is wrong put your hand up and tell them immediately. If in doubt always check. 

Candidate numbers can be found on your timetables; it is important that you bring this to every exam. 

The Centre Number is 20675. It will be clearly displayed in every exam room. 

Inform the school at the earliest possible point so we can help or advise you. In extreme circumstances that may result in you being unable to write, it may be possible to provide you with a scribe/laptop but we will need as much prior notice as possible.
You may need to obtain medical evidence (from your GP or hospital). 

Put your hand up and a member of staff will assist you. You should inform a member of staff if you feel ill before or during an exam. 

Yes. It MAY still be possible for you to sit the exam. You should get to school as quickly as possible. 

Yes. Normal school rules apply to uniform, hair, jewellery, make-up etc. Spare uniform is available in school for anybody who does not have the correct uniform. 

You should bring:


  • 2 pens (black ink only)
  • 2 pencils
  • A ruler
  • An eraser
  • A calculator (calculator lids must be removed before you enter the exam room) 


All your equipment can be brought in a transparent pencil case or a clear bag.


You are responsible for providing your own equipment for all exams. You must not attempt to borrow equipment from another candidate during the exam. 

Mobile telephones, digital devices including digital wristwatches must not be brought into any exam venue, even if they are turned off. 

No food is allowed in the exam venue. 

Drinks are allowed in the exam venue, but the label must be removed from the bottle. No fizzy drinks are allowed. 

Bags and coats have to be placed at the back of the exam venue; you must not take your bag or coat to your exam desk. 

The length of the exam in shown in minutes on your individual timetable. Staff will tell you when to start and finish the exam. They will write the finish time of the exam on the board at the front of the exam room. There will be a clock in all exam rooms. 

No. It is a requirement that you stay for the full duration of the exam. It is not the school’s policy to allow candidates to leave the exam room early. 

The Senior Teacher will tell you what to do. If you have to evacuate the room, leave everything on your desk and leave the room in silence. You MUST NOT attempt to communicate with other candidates during the evacuation. You will still be under exam conditions during the evacuation. 

If it is absolutely necessary, you will be escorted by a member of staff and will not be allowed any extra time. 

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