Dear Parents/Guardian,

Firstly, can I apologise for the delay in this letter. I am sure that you appreciate that during these unprecedented times our normal school life has been disrupted beyond recognition. However, as some sort of routine has now ensued, I would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you and to thank you for choosing our school for the secondary education of your child. I hope your daughter/son enjoys her/his secondary education and is happy and successful at Wood Green Academy.

Although the vast majority of pupils look forward to moving up to their new secondary school it is quite common for most children to feel somewhat apprehensive about the change. I am sure that during these unusual times this anxiety may be heightened. We would like to think that by July things will have resumed in education to something that resembles the normal transition period. But we are cannot be certain and this depends totally on the government and the direction of the virus and then policy that is implemented.

If children are back in school in July

If children are back in school in July we will endeavour to help ease the anxieties felt by pupils and their parents about transfer to secondary education. As part of this work, we will hold an induction course for all pupils changing school.

Your child will be invited to join us on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd July 2020. She/ He will meet her/his new classmates, work with their Form Tutor and meet their Year Leader Miss Donaghie and Student Support Manager attached to the year group, Mr Cavell. They will have a range of lessons, experience our lunchtime arrangements and become familiar with the geography of the school.

On Monday 7th September 2020 you will be invited to a special meeting to welcome the parents of our new year group into school. At this meeting you will be given a copy of our Wood Green Academy Handbook – a booklet full of information about the day-to-day organisation of the school and our home-school partnership. Full details of our school uniform are also given in that booklet. Parents will also be given a pack of forms which will need completing and returning to school with your child.

A programme giving more details on both events will be sent to you once we know more from the government and the DfE.

Can I ask that you look at our website (www.woodgreenacademy.co.uk) to keep up to date with any work that your daughter/ son could be completing in preparation for KS3 and for any other useful information for you.

I look forward to meeting you and your child in the near future and ask that in the meantime, Keep safe and stay at home.

Yours sincerely
Mrs. J C Bailey
Deputy Head
Safeguarding and Student Welfare