What others are saying about us

What others are saying about us

Wood Green Academy Teaching School has provided the school with support in several areas. Much has already proved effective, but for some its impact is yet to be seen. Support with staff training and improving the overall quality of teaching has seen teaching improve, especially in mathematics and English. Work to upskill the school’s own staff so that they are able to disseminate this training within the school has ensured that more bespoke training is now taking place internally.

Ofsted February 2019, Health Futures UTC

“High quality day packed with relevant themes and sessions. Positive & interesting throughout with entertaining & thought provoking concepts debated. Seminars were useful, engaging & enjoyable!”

Best Practice Delegate

I would just like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all Science NQTs. Going to Wood Green was an extremely useful experience and if possible I would love to go again. The positive attitude and outstanding teaching practice has put me back on the mindset that I had after Michael Heppel’s visit.

Science NQT,  OSWB Academy