The School Run


The School Run

The School Run
Event Number – 44 
Thursday 13th February, 2020

This week 39 members of our school community ran, jogged, walked and volunteered on the course, of whom 3 were first timers and  recorded a new Personal Best. Representatives of all houses took part. 

Our Volunteers were : Mrs THOMAS, Miss BRUTON, Mr LANDSBOROUGH

Members of Staff who took part were : Mr DORRINGTON, Miss STOCKS, Mrs WILLIAMS

Full results are available in the PE office. 

The female record is held by Nell MILLS 7E2 who recorded a time of 6.06 on 27th June 2019

The male record is held by Oscar COPSON 9P1 who recorded a time of 5.26 on 11th July 2019 

The female staff record is held by Miss BRUTON who recorded a time of 6.41 on 11th July 2019

The male staff record is held by Mr WILLETT who recorded a time of 5.32 on 12th Sept 2019

The School Run started on the 17th January 2019. Since then 444 participants have completed the course. A total distance of 1995 miles has been covered by our school community during the school run. The event is free and open to every member of the school community. The next School run will take place on Thursday 27th February, 2020 – we hope to see you there. 

Did you know ?  ( random fact of the day)

Next time we run – someone is going to cover the  TWO THOUSANDTH School Run mile ! 

I must find a prize for them !!!! You will need to be 5th to win it!!!

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