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BBC School Report

Are Sweet Shops Detrimental to Our Children?

Children are thought to be getting unhealthier day by day because of the high intake of sugar they consume in sweets and chocolate. These sugars are turning into fat and making our children some of the most obese in Europe.

Should we be educating our children better on healthy choices?

Companies are continuously making new confectionary to appeal to a younger market, relying on the pressure young people put on their parents to buy the treats. Although many parents are trying to make the best choices for their children, these high sugar and fat treats are available en route to and from school, which seems to be where the problem is occurring.

But who is to blame for this obesity crisis? Is it the confectioners? They make products with bright packaging which naturally appeal to a younger consumer. However, they need to make profit, so can we really blame them? Should we be educating our children better on healthy choices? Everything could be considered ok in moderation. Maybe we need to government to intervene; higher taxes on sugary products has been talked about recently.
It seems there is no easy solution to this, and sugar is not the only thing to impact on the health of our children, but we need to take action before it’s too late.

By Salma

The EU Referendum – France is Not Happy

When the UK announced that the EU may no longer be their home, France decided to retaliate, hitting very close to home, they cut to the chase, announcing their own “deal”: if we vote out of the EU, France says that “there will be consequences.”

As I’m sure many already know, the UK has been debating on whether the stay in the EU or not, and so far it’s not looking too good, the argument is really heated! While the large businesses want to stay in, the smaller ones want to leave and never return. BMW sent a message out to the UK employees, stating that they won’t tell them witch way to vote, but if the vote results in the UK leaving, there will be a massive loss in sales and a large amount of job losses as a result. Our unemployment levels are already massive, surely we don’t need it to rise even more?

But just as we thought things couldn’t get worse, we aren’t the only people worried for Britain’s future. There have been a few conferences about the subject, but nothing aggressive has been said… until now. France’s representative (Francois Hollande has made the bold statements that run as follows: “I don’t want to scare you, but I just want to tell the truth” “It doesn’t mean that everything will be destroyed, I don’t want to give you catastrophic scenarios, but there will be consequences.”

The EU Referendum – France is Not Happy

Many are suspicious of what this may mean… Some have said that he may even be threatening us! All we can currently infer is that France is not happy.

By Rebecca

Year 7 and 8 Exams

Year 7 and 8 pupils at Wood Green Academy are having exams soon, and key stage three is all abuzz about it.

Year 7 and 8 exams
Year 7 and 8 exams

The exams are starting in April and students are already knuckling down to ensure they have done enough revision. As Wood Green Academy is an outstanding school that wants the best for all students, they are being given the chance to attend Easter break revision classes to help prepare for the exams.

Some may this exams are unnecessary, but the testing will allow the teacher to ensure the students are in the right sets, setting the support they need, as well as making the excellent progress the school expects. Plus, if the students practice their exam skills now, they will be experts for their GCSEs.

If you are a student at Wood Green Academy and want to attend an Easter revision class, make sure you speak to your teachers.

By Zainab

Galactica – Will it take you Above and Beyond?

Wondering what to do over the Easter break? Alton Towers in Staffordshire is preparing to open the world’s first virtual reality rollercoaster, set to open in April.

This is a big deal for Alton Towers as they try to improve their image after The Smiler crash.

Each train of the ride will contain 28 passengers, and three trains will be set into motion during each experience. The track is a whopping 840m (2,755ft) and the height of the biggest drop is 20m (66ft). Not for the faint hearted! The maximum speed is 75km/h (47mph), and the ride lasts 189 seconds.

Galactica (is taking the place of the iconic ride ‘Air’, a steel flying rollercoaster located in the Forbidden Valley area of the park. Rather than build the ride from scratch, the park has re-engineered an existing rollercoaster, which originally opened in 2002.

Riders will wear a virtual relisty headset to simulate flying through space, which will be provided by Samsung. This should appeal to the technologically minded theme park visitor and act as a great USP for Alton Towers, following months of negative publicity.

Alton Towers in Staffordshire is preparing to open the world’s first virtual reality rollercoaster
Alton Towers in Staffordshire is preparing to open the world’s first virtual reality rollercoaster

By George

Maria Sharapova – The “reckless beyond belief” Tennis Player

Maria Sharapova has been using the drug known as meldonium as her medication for 10 years, and with its new ban, she as well has been banned from her favourite sport.

Meldonium, the drug she was busted for using, and admitted to using, is a drug that is used as a form of medication: but some use it to help athletic abilities. It helps put oxygen into the bloodstream, making it easier to run and move about.

Sharapova is a well-known Russian tennis player, 28 years old, and has won multiple grand slams. She was sponsored by the sports clothing company, Nike, but as a result of this suspension for up to 4 years, their 17 year sponsorship has come to an end. “We are saddened and surprised about Maria Sharapova,” was their response.

Maria isn’t the only one who has been suspended, including fellow Russian figure skater, Ekaterina Bobrova.
Richard Pound, the World Anti Doping Agency’s first president, called her “reckless beyond description,” which seems to be quite a big insult to the Russian. Is there anything more to say to her, after all of this?
The five-time Grand Slam winner tested positive for the drug on January 1st and admitted to it on Monday. Fans expected a retirement speech, but were shocked to receive the news.

She has been using the drug, now illegal within sports, as her legal medication for 10 years, and has she done anything wrong in the eyes of her fans? No. What has she done to deserve this? Nothing. Her fans support her in any way they can, and to this she said, “I woke up this morning with an inbox full of love and compassion, your wonderful words put a smile on my face”

One question many may have thought of is, Is this really justice? Is this fair? Is this the right thing to have been done, the right consequence, if one is even needed?

By Rebecca