Smile For Joel Day

Smile For Joel Day

Joel was a former 6th form student from 2011-13 here at Wood Green who sadly lost his life on June 26th 2015. While at Wood Green he was a model student, who was enthusiastic, hardworking and conscientious, a natural leader and everyone’s friend. Joel’s was an inspirational student in many ways, he lived life to the full and took on every opportunity available to him both inside and outside of school to inspire sport.

We will all miss Joel greatly, but his passion, enthusiasm and generosity will live on in all of us here at Wood Green.
For that reason we at Wood Green have always had a Smile for Joel day on this year it is on Friday 7th July.

By the age of 18 Joel had already become a level 4 referee and was well on his way to becoming a referee at the very highest level. He was selected to be part of the FA National Referee Development group and travelled locally and nationally inspiring and developing young referees.
But Joel’s motivation in sports didn’t stop there, by setting up the Birmingham FA Youth Council at Ray Hall Lane Birmingham, he became chairman and motivated young people to take up sport in schools and clubs. He worked on many projects within schools delivering Youth Empowering Workshops, Football Futures and fund raising events.

  • For the above reasons we will be having:
  • A non school uniform day on Friday 7th. Students are to come in sports wear and make a donation of £1 to the Smile for Joel charity. If students do not have sports wear then they can come in usual school uniform.
  • A cake sale at break
  • A football match on the field at lunch. Teachers Vs Ex students
  • Throw a wet sponge at a teacher on the field at lunch. 50p a go.

What can you do to help:

  • Bake some cakes for the cake sale and drop them off to the Sixth Form Office on the morning of the day.
  • Ensure you have sports wear and bring your £1 to school. Smile for Joel is a charity that aims to raise money for families and loved ones affected by murder and manslaughter, with all proceeds going to Victim Support.
  • Buy cakes on the day and make sure you eat them in the food zone!!
  • Support the teachers in the football match at lunch.
  • Persuade your least favourite teacher to have a wet sponge thrown at them so we can raise even more money.
  • Make Wood Green and Joel proud by really supporting this day and ensuring families like Joel’s get the support they need.