Debate Mate Superstars!


Debate Mate Superstars!

Wood Green Academy’s Debate Mate team competed in the regional finals at the University of Birmingham in an intense day of competition. Standards were exceptionally high and our students debated on a range of challenging topics, such as the use of Greenfield sites and the impact of the rise of reality television. With four wins overall and a high point score, Wood Green were strong contenders and narrowly missed out on their chance to take centre stage in the regional finals.

Well done to Wood Green Team 1: Becks Fleet (Yr10), Joseph Hall (Yr10), Edan Fleming (Yr10), Clare Coley (Yr10) and Alexis Skidmore (Yr10) and Wood Green Team 2: Faye Brain (Yr 7), Amaan Khan (Yr 7), Phoebe Humphries (Yr 8) and Zainab Akram (Yr 9). All students demonstrated their excellent debating skills and should be very proud of their achievements!

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