About National School Support

About National School Support

Wood Green Academy has an unparalleled history of successful school to school support.

Wood Green Academy is tremendously proud of its team of Lead Practitioners (LPs) and now sixteen Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) from a range of schools, subjects and phases; the Wood Green Academy Teaching School Alliance (WGATSA) has an exceptional pool of skilled staff to support the raising of standards in schools across the region.

Wood Green Academy has been a designated Teaching School since September 2011 and is now responsible for the brokering of National Leaders of Education, (NLEs) Local Leaders of Education (LLEs) and Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) on behalf of WGATSA both across our alliance and beyond to further support the raising of standards in education. Deployments have been provided to several schools across the region with outstanding successes.

Mrs Valmalette-Wright
Director of Teaching School

Mr M Bowers
Director of Leadership Development

Miss R Johnson
Teaching School PA

Wood Green Academy ITT Alliance

Strategic Partner schools for ITT

  • University of Wolverhampton

Partner Schools

  • Q3 Academy Tipton
  • Bristnall Hall Academy
  • Codsall Community High
  • Ormiston SWB Academy
  • Pool Hayes Arts and Community School
  • The Royal School, Wolverhampton
  • The Burton Borough
  • Windsor Academy
  • Wodensborough Ormiston Academy
  • University of Birmingham
  • Health Futures UTC

Our vision

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A group of schools supporting each other to develop outstanding practice through a range of activities.

To provide outstanding teacher training through the School Direct programme.

All aspects are driven by the need to secure outstanding outcomes for all students.

Mutual respect where all members of the alliance believe that they have something to learn from all other partners.

Outward looking โ€“ working with community stakeholders including parents to support development.

Innovative and Creative โ€“ pushing boundaries of outstanding learning and teaching.

Experimenting with different ways of supporting teachers though CPD including technological resource use.

A worthwhile impact driven partnership where development is facilitated amongst partners.

A partnership where teachers and other adults involved in student progress can meet, discuss and review their approaches without fear of being judged.

High quality provision.