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Its not a hard life(oops) lesson…

It has been a looooong time since I have endured a laborious 1 hour time period of English. The last time I went I had a horrid male teacher called Mr Luxemburg who had a shiny red face like a boiled onion and sprayed spittle at you when he spoke. The kids in my class whispered rude messages to each other and chewed gum during the lesson. I was dreading the next lesson to come and as the bell rang I made a spectacle of shoving my books into my schoolbag. The surprise on my face as I entered the somehow fresh classroom (Mr Luxemburg always smelt of sweat and men’s Dove body spray.) There standing upright and eager-looking was an approximately 5.6-6.0ft man wearing navy trousers held up by trendy braces and a pale blue shirt. He had vibrant ginger hair and a matching grin, with all the children smiling authentically. “Hello Julia, and welcome to my English class. I’m Mr Wright and I hope that you enjoy your lesson with me.” This was going to be the most spectacular English lesson yet…

By Suranne Pace, Year 7.

BBC Radio 2 – 500 Words

Six years ago, Chris Evans had a dream: to get children excited about reading and writing. All children, no matter what their ability. 500 Words is now one of the most successful story-writing competitions for kids in the world. Nearly half a million pupils have written a story for us; that’s over 215 MILLION words!

The competition is open from the 18th January 2016 and closes for entries at 7pm on the 25th February.
More information is available below:
500 Words competition

The Librarian’s Recommended Read
Uglies’ by Scott Westerfield

Genre – Dystopian. Similar series: The Hunger Games, Maze Runner

Imagine a society where everyone is considered as Ugly until their 16th birthday at which time cosmetic surgery ensures that everyone becomes Pretty. Tally can’t wait to be 16 and join the beautiful people. Pretties spend all day partying and choosing new clothes to wear; Pretties have the best food, drinks and a great life – or do they? It all goes wrong when Tally’s best friend, Shay, runs away, just before her birthday, to join a rebel group of people who have avoided becoming Pretties. Tally is confused and cannot imagine why Shay doesn’t want to be a Pretty. She cannot imagine why people would choose to live outside the city, with no power, struggling to find food and building their own shelters. Then the secret police come and tell Tally that she must find Shay and bring her back or Tally will not be allowed to be a Pretty, ever!

This book is in the SILVER Accelerated Reading band
Other books in the series: Pretties, Specials, Extras.


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