Safeguarding Newsletter Issue 1
Safeguarding Newsletter Issue 1
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Safety alert: Report of an incident in the Rowley Regis area

Reported by St Michael’s CE High School on Wednesday 6 December 2017 [am]

At 3.20pm on 5 December 2017, a student was walking from school, down an alleyway towards Brickhouse Primary School, when he was approached by two males. They asked the student if he had weed on him – he replied, “no”. One male searched the student’s pockets and took his phone, which the student managed to grab back. They then took the student’s keys and money, which he was able to get back. As the student attempted to run away he was pulled back by his bag and physically assaulted by one of the males punching him to the right side of his eye.

Description: two black males in their late teens, one wearing a deep red tracksuit and the other a dark blue tracksuit. Both males wore their hoods up and one wore a face mask. One male was of big‑build and the other slim‑build.

The police were informed of this incident this morning.

Other students have reported similar incidents of being approached by two males, as described above, and the police have been informed.

Safety alert Wednesday 15th November, 2017

Reported by Q3 Academy Great Barr on Wednesday 15 November 2017 [am]

It has been reported that on Tuesday 14 November 2017 [3.40pm] three students were walking home down Wilderness Lane, Great Barr, towards the alley alongside Redhouse Park, when they were approached by a man, who spoke to them and proceeded to follow them. The students were able to walk away and reached home safely.

Description: Asian male, in his mid-sixties and wearing glasses. The man was wearing a grey hat, tracksuit bottoms and a blue fleece top.

Safety alert Tuesday 7th November, 2017

Alert: report of an incident in the Oldbury area
Reported by Causeway Green Primary School on Monday 6 November 2017 [pm]

We received a report yesterday that a parent, was grabbed by a man, on her way to collect her children from school in Ashes Road. The offender was described as male, in his 20-30’s and appeared intoxicated. The man also tried to grab a male passer-by.

Safety alert Monday 17th July, 2017

On Monday 17 July 2017 [am] it has been reported that a Year 8 student from Bristnall Hall Academy was approached by a man driving a black Ford car on Douglas Road. The man asked the girl to get into his car, stating that her parents had asked him to pick her up. The car continued to follow the student down the road.

Description: Asian male, approximately 40-50 years old and wearing a black t-shirt

Safety alert Monday 26th June, 2017

Hotpoint FF175 range of fridge freezers – Grenfell Tower fire caused by fridge freezer [Circular 108]

The alert outlines the actions owners of fridge freezers, of the type implicated in the Grenfell Tower fire, need to take. Please act on requirements of the alert and cascade to others as required.

Safeguarding alert Monday 26th June, 2017

On his way home from school on the Wednesbury Oak Road, a student was approached by a man on a “push bike” and asked him if he would like a ride on his bike. The student refused and the main rode off.

Description: male, wearing a grey track suit.

Safeguarding alert

Please be aware of an incident that took place in Jubilee Park, Tipton (entrance near Highfield Road, opposite Watt Road) on Wednesday morning. A man approached a lady and her son and exposed himself.

Description: white male aged about 40, with short brown hair and clean shaven. He was wearing light grey shorts and a navy blue T‑shirt.

The police have been informed

March 2017

Alert for parents and carers:

An incident occurred on Thursday 16 March 2017 at 3.15pm on Marsh Lane, West Bromwich when a mobile phone was taken off a Year 7 student on the way home from The Phoenix Collegiate.

A man on a bicycle approached the student and stole her iPhone. He was wearing all black clothes with a red and black scarf, covering most of his face.

The police have been notified.

January 2017

Please see below information from Staffs Police about an app being used by young people which has raised significant concern, so you can be aware of the app should it come up at all.

Content in square brackets [ ] has been edited at WGA.

“We have had an incident involving a new app available on smartphones, androids, tablets called “”. I say “new”, this is the first occasion this “App” has come to the attention of the Safenet staff in Staffordshire.

On 14/1/17 a young girl, age 12, has set up a profile on “” and has performed on a “Livestream”. The title of this she called, “I will do anything on camera”.

The broadcast starts with the a [child] twerking. She is wearing her pyjamas. People have then started to follow her broadcast. The [child] has said that she would allow anyone to watch her and there were 950 people watching her as the broadcast went on. People have then started to comment on the post. The [child then goes on to perform sexualised gestures, including revealing her naked top half]. The [child] can then be seen crying and rubbing her eyes.

When seen the [child] said she decided to download the “App”, “” after her friends at school had told her about it.

Following the download of the [child] and livestreaming the [child] had been messaged by a man who had told her to do things. The [child] allowed the male to follow her by clicking “Follow” as she would anyone who wanted to view her videos.

The [child] has been safeguarded and we are in a position to potentially ID the male. The purpose of the email is to highlight this app which some may or may not be aware of.”