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The Religious Education Department is concerned with pupils making meaning of their experiences in order to give them purpose in their lives.

Our aims are to: aid pupils to reflect upon their experiences and of the mysteries of life; to develop an understanding of the influence of beliefs; develop the ability to make informed judgements that are made through reasoning and thereby the pupils should develop confidence in their own beliefs and values.


2016 GCSE Results:
100% pass rate A*-G Grades
70% A*-C Grades


GCSE Religious Studies examinations take place in May and June. The two thematic examinations (based on ethical issues are in May and the two Religious teachings, beliefs and practices examinations (based on Christianity and Buddhism) are in June.

The Team

Miss S Inderjeet- Head of RE
Miss J Wilson- Teacher of RE and of Social Sciences
Miss L Shaw- Teacher of Social Sciences and of RE
Mrs L Williams- Head of Social Sciences and Teacher of RE
Miss S Khan- Senior Leadership Team and Teacher of RE


Assessment Map 2017-18v1
Assessment Map 2017-18v1
Assessment Map 2017-18v1.xlsx
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Re Big Pic Map 17
Re Big Pic Map 17
Re Big Pic Map 17.xlsx
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RE KS3 Assess Criteria 17
RE KS3 Assess Criteria 17
RE KS3 Assess Criteria 17.docx
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Year 7
Term One- Expressing Spirituality
Term Two- Authority
Term Three- Beliefs and Concepts

Year 8
Term One- Religion and Science
Term Two- Sacred Art
Term Three- Interfaith Dialogue

Year 9
Term One- Religion and Life
Term Two- Peace and Justice
Term Three- Relationships

Relationships and Families
Religion and Life
Religion, Peace and Conflict
Religion, Crime and Punishment
Beliefs, Teachings and Practices of Christianity
Beliefs, Teachings and Practices of Buddhism